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CL4 - .030" Thick Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Laminates

CL4 - .030" Thick Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Laminates

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The Uni-Directional Laminates are manufactured by laying uni-directional carbon fiber pre-preg so that all the carbon fibers run in the zero direction or parallel to the length of the part. The uni-directional carbon fiber laminates are used to add stiffness to almost any material (i.e. fiberglass, foam, and balsa wood). In order to achieve maximum stiffness each strip should be installed with proper fiber orientation.Bondable roughened surface on both sides
  • Thickness tolerances: +/- .005"
  • Length/Width tolerances: +/- .50"
  • Shipping: 24" x 72" Panels may require freight shipment. A $20.00 handling fee may apply and automatically be added to the order.

Carbon Fiber Uni Laminate Weights
Description Weight per ft2
Grams Ounces
.007" CL1
29.20 1.03
.014" CL2
58.68 2.07
.023" CL3
87.88 3.10
.030" CL4
117.08 4.13
.045" CL5
175.77 6.20
.060" CL6
234.45 8.27


All laminates are manufactured with 250 °F cure carbon fiber pre-preg (carbon fibers impregnated with epoxy resin) laid up to the required thickness and fiber orientation and cured with heat (250°F +) and pressure.


  • Reinforments for areas that higher loads are expected


  • The sheets are easily cut  using a bandsaw, coping saw, drill, or Dremel© tool.
  • Our Tungsten Carbide Rod Saw blade or Saber Saw blade can be used with a coping saw or hacksaw.
  • Slow set CA glue or 5 minute epoxy adhesive is recommended to bond the laminates to the substrate.


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