Main Entrance

Lay-up Room

X-Ray Inspection Cabinet

Raw Materials Storage

ACP Composites continues to invest in its facilities by offering advanced equipment options and state of the art facility features. Our 32,290 Ft.2 facility in Livermore, California has been designed to accommodate our needs as a composite manufacturing company, featuring defined work areas to keep operations separated and organized.

Facilities include:

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Retail/Distribution Storefront
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Quality Inspection Center
  • Dedicated Layup Room
  • Machining Warehouse
  • On-site Freezer Storage
  • Temperature Controlled Clean Room
  • Research & Development Workroom
Facilities Equipment List:

Baron-Blakeslee Autoclave
4ft. x 8ft. | 250 PSI | 350°F
Thermal Equipment Autoclave
3ft. x 5ft. | 150 PSI | 250°F
Italpresse Heated Laminating Press
5ft. x 10ft. | 350°F maximum temperature | 3 openings | 190 ton capacity
Joos Heated Laminating Press
5ft. x 10ft. | 350F maximum temperature | 2 openings
Ares 5 Axis CMS Machining Center
5-axis | 4ft. x 4ft. x 14ft.
C.R. Onsrud CNC Router
3-axis | 5ft. x 10ft. | NEMI Vacuum Grid Table Fixturing | +/- .002 inch accuracy
C.R. Onsrud CNC Router
4-axis | 5ft. x 12ft. | +/- .004 inch accuracy
Helmel Coordinate Measuring Machine
with Nikon Metrology Software
X-axis & Y-axis +/-.0001 inch accuracy | Z-axis +/-.00005 inch accuracy
Pantak X-Ray Inspection Cabinet
18ft x 18ft | 100KW with CMP 200DR 50KV console | Real time imaging
Accudyne Heated Laminating Press
2ft x 2ft | 350°F maximum temperature | 100 ton capacity
Tetrahedron Heated Laminating Press
2ft x 2ft | 350°F maximum temperature | 100 ton capacity
Heavy Cuty Walk-in Oven
6ft. x 6ft. x 16ft. | 850°F maximum temperature
Laminating Oven with Digital Controls
4ft. x 4ft. x 8ft.
On-Site Freezer Storage
8000 ft3 | 0°F Storage
Bridgeport Series II Mill
Clausen Lathe 36"

MIG and TIG Welders
Sanders, Grinders, Drill and Saws
Variety of Laminating Ovens
Variety of Mid-Sized Laminating Presses
Rosenthal Heavy Duty Sheeter
Rosenthal Fabric Rewinder
60" x 24" Eastman Automatic Ply Cutter Assembly Guidance Laser Projection System